Planning Your Next Step

Planning Your Next Step

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Protect Your Family

This session is for advice regarding estate or business planning. This amazing and informative class to get the tools to protect your family.

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Skills Alignment

One of my favorite tools to move people forward is a Natural Skills Assessment class. Ready to align your skills? Let’s move you forward TODAY!

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Back to Basics

When we feel stuck, we can’t move forward with our plans, right?! If you need advice for your family or your business, plan a business consultation.

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Law Office on a Laptop

Structuring a mobile law practice allows flexibility to go to clients, work from your home office, or move to a different office. Structure your Law Office on a Laptop to have control over your hours, overhead, and time.

 “…a book that impressively covers all the aspects of a law practice one ought to think about before opening up shop…” – Liz Johnson, Esq.


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When we feel stuck, we can’t move forward with our plans, right?! 

If you need advice for your family or your business, plan a business consultation with Kelly.

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“As a Military Wife and Mom getting back into business, I wanted insight into balancing both my family and my business. I am thankful for the alignment check and the insight provided by Kelly.”  – HM

“While my partners and I had a sound business idea, we didn’t have the legal background to protect us in our business launch. Kelly helped us get started with a structure that worked for us. So helpful and timely.” – MK

“I am deeply grateful that Kelly took the time to hear about my growing business. So thankful she and her team were able to help me sort through all of my options, align my skills, and find the direction that felt truly right for me.”  – DH

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Think Local Military

Think Local Military honors our active-duty troops and provides encouraging products for military families.