Legacy Planning

Together let’s protect your estate, family, and business as you plan for your legacy. 

As a lawyer, Kelly provides solution-oriented estate and business planning. Do you happen to have a personal estate plan in place? Or what is your business succession plan?

If you have a legacy, estate, or business planning legal question, Kelly provides guidance based on her 25+ years of experience. Schedule your consult today!

Let’s Plan to Protect Your Family and Business Today!

Legacy Business Planning

Do you happen to own a business or have thought about starting one? Kelly’s extensive business background provides her clients with the tools necessary to develop a comprehensive start-up strategy. She also provides succession and documentation guidance for current business owners.

Would it be helpful to discuss your plans with another professional? Kelly provides personal and business guidance to families, including military families who want to build a business.

Schedule your free initial consult appointment today to discuss:

1. A Business Planning Session

2. A Business in a Box Tool Kit 

3. A Personal Alignment Review

4. A Problem Solving “Back to Basics” Plan

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