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Kelly C. Sturmthal, Esq. |Military Wife and Military Mom |Consultant |Business Owner |Author |Speaker

As a graduate from The University of Miami School of Law and a Florida attorney with a finance degree,  Kelly is the resident expert in estate planning, business consultation, and planning for your family. She is driven by an altruistic mindset and fortunate to own several businesses that allow her to impact others and make a difference in her local community. As a partner in an estate and business planning law firm with 25+ years in the legal industry, she has experience in finance, banking, real estate, career counseling, estate planning, client development, law office partnerships, family business ownership, and practical business planning.

Personally, Kelly has been a military wife for 25+ years. Both of her sons are committed to the military and aerospace defense industry, so she knows the ropes and the sacrifices made by our US military families.

Professionally, Kelly has started several law firms. She is a speaker for the National Business Institute (NBI)and Lawline, has co-authored the book Law Office on A Laptop, and also owns non-legal businesses.  As a certified Entrepreneurship and Business Life Consultant and Myers Briggs Alignment and Natural Skills Consultant, Kelly provides practical insight in every area.

Practically, Kelly’s experience includes many leadership positions she has held over the years. As a speaker for many organizations and local businesses, her presentations include Protecting Your Family and Protecting Your Business, Succession Planning and What is a Profitable Lawyer? CLE. She advises in the areas of Estate and Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, Parenting and Practicing, and Mentoring. She was also a co-creator of the 2020 Profitable Lawyer program, and currently offers Back To Basics and Natural Skills assessment seminars.

​Kelly has served as a consultant to business entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial lawyers of all ages and has presented at Florida Bar and American Bar Association events. Within her first years of practice, she was appointed to the Dade County Bar/YLD Board of Directors and became the ABA Mentor Program Chair, Lt. Governor of Programming for the Fifth Circuit ABA/Law School Division. She has served as PTO President for her children’s schools, President of the JHS Boosters Board, the Major Key Connections Director (a vibrant group of young entrepreneurs on the move), and currently serves as the President of the Stuart/Jupiter Tri Delta Sorority Alumnae Group. These positions have provided her with the vital insight needed to effectively move others forward professionally and personally in various arenas of life.

To move forward with your estate planning, current or future business, or the next best step in life for you and your family, Kelly is your best guide.

As an attorney and a business owner, Kelly’s mission is to align individuals with their business. She provides a blueprint to build momentum for families and their businesses.  

Since she is a Military Wife and a Military Mom, Kelly understands how to protect treasured time with family. Military wives and moms know how to build a legacy as their family is impacting future generations.  

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