Meet Kelly Sturmthal

When you want to discuss your plans as you build your legacy, she’s who you want in your corner. 

She is certified by Jennifer Allwood as an online income expert as well as a certified Entrepreneurship and Business Life Consultant and a Myers Briggs Alignment and Natural Skills Consultant. Kelly knows how to align, audit and encourage early-stage business owners. She provides practical insight and the steps to move you forward. 

Kelly has also started several law firms, is the co-author of Law Office on A Laptop and she owns several businesses.

Kelly has been a military wife for 25+ years. Her husband is a retired Lt. Col in the Air Force and F-16 pilot. Her youngest son is at the US Air Force Academy and her oldest son is studying engineering and is interning in the aerospace defense industry. She certainly understands and knows the ropes and the sacrifices made by our US military families.

As a business owner, a graduate from The University of Miami School of Law, and a Florida lawyer with a Finance degree,  she is our resident expert in legacy planning. She is able to connect the dots as families plan. To move forward, connect with Kelly today. 

What People Say

I am deeply grateful that Kelly took the time to hear about my growing business.

 Thankful she and her team were able to help me sort through all of my options, ALIGN my skills and find the direction that felt truly right for me.

D. H.

“As a Mom getting back into business, I wanted insight into balancing both my family and my business. I am thankful for the insight provided by Kelly and her team.”

M. H.

I fully endorse Kelly from DSM Law. Her firm was excellent at explaining all of the the options available and assist us with choosing the one that accomplishes our planning goals.

J & B

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